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The photo on left shows The Ulster Volunteer Force parading into the Pork Market from West Street in 1912. Included in this photo is Mr. David Cochrane bottom right and Mr. Alexander Moore, fourth person back in row nearest camera, most of the children looking on are bare footed.

The two photos below show the Ulster Volunteer Force parading past Mr. Moffat's Photographic Studio in Bridge Street.

The Ulster Volunteer Force joined the British Army en-block, shortly after this photo was taken most of them lost their lives at the battle of the Somme in France.

1912 Volunteers on march led by Colonel Blacker.

Sir Edward Carson arriving at G.N.R Station, 1912.


Sir Edward Carson arriving in town accompanied by

Ulster Volunteer Force in Bridge Street, 1912.


Ulster Volunteer Force in Bridge Street, 1912.

Cycle track in Peoples Park, 1900.

Note the rail track in foreground, this is the main Belfast to Dublin line.


Peoples Park 1900.


General Booth Salvation Army and Mr. W.A. Clow at Fedal House, 1902.

Fedal House is on the Gilford Road and is now a Nursing Home for the aged.

High Street about the 1940's

Outside John Montgomery's the Undertakers, the shop in background is Woolworth's, then called the three penny and six penny shop.

Mr W. Atkinson and family outside their home 'Eden Villa' at Bachelors Walk.


Town Hall Edward Street, 1900.


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