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The tallest building right of Church was The Home Stores in West Street.

Unveiling of Col. Saunderson's statue, 1909.


Totten's butcher shop at the corner of Market Street and Thomas Street, early 1900's

1928.Removing Town Clock from old Church tower prior to erecting new memorial tower, clock and bells.

Millicent Terrace in Church Street.

The building extreme right is the corner of Church Street and Carleton Street, Note bottom right of photo is undeveloped, this site is now occupied by Albert Buildings, built by George Hyde in 1931, most would know this corner as Nat Anderson's chemist and presently as Winemart.  The whitish buildings on left were the local employment exchange, next brown one was Mr. Rogers the dentist, then Dr. Dougan's home, surgery and office of registering  births and deaths until our new local authority took over that responsibly. The end brown house was Mr. Henry's the dentist.  Today this area is completely commercial, the far away buildings are now shops, Tom Lee's chemist being one of these. The building which now stands on the corner of Church Street and Mandeville Street did not exist when this photo was taken,.




Church Street, the tall building was the home of Miss. Carleton, she bequeathed it to the health authorities for use as a maternity home, the majority of Portadowners  born between the 1930's and 70's started their life here, including myself, my wife Georgie, our daughter Leigh and son Marcus, funny enough Georgie claims to be an Armagh girl! at that time lots of mothers from Armagh had to come to our town for the big event.  In the mid 1970's the maternity unit was moved to Craigavon Area Hospital. The Carleton building has since been converted into beautiful apartments by the County Armagh Area Housing Association, wouldn't mind finishing my day there!

Church Street.

Lots will remember the occupants of the houses on the left, two families which come to mind were Dr. Fleming and the Rountree family, can any viewers add a few more names to this?  To the right the first brown building is now known as 'Mackle's sweet and tobacconist shop, on a hot day it is a very popular stopping place for high quality ice cream a 'poke or slider' now called a cone or wafer. 

Church Street.

Armagh Road Presbyterian Church, Church Street,

Note no door in the centre as there is today.


Demonstration in Brickfield Hanover Street. 1882.

The town side of Cecil Street was not built when this was taken.


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