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1901 "Wee Pig" Market in Woodhouse Street.

The gentleman is Mr. Ferris who later owned a saddlers shop in Church Place, this is now 'KaSu' ladies fashion shop.  The little boy is one of the Hamills, a well known local family.


Meadow Lane, really going back in time, of course not now in existence but I do remember this row.

 Woodhouse Street, 1897.  The bit in the middle now gone (as are those to the left and right) would be remembered in the 1950-60's as 'The Yacht' pub and lounge owned by Jimmy Wilson.


Fire brigade at Ballyhannon Reservoir. 

Fire Brigade in practice in Egg Market, 1885.

Fire Brigade 1893.

High Street.

Fire brigade racing past what is now Woolworth's shop.

Bann Bridge before widening, 1911.

Bann Bridge before widening, 1911.

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