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Mr. John Jones, Butcher and Messrs. J.J. Acheson. Grocers. Robert Paul, Hardware, was Messrs. Edgars, Uprichards and Rountree and Hewitts. Market Street.


Mr. Robert Anderson's Shop, now Woolworths.


Wheel pump in front of St. Mark's Church, 1884



From High Street looking to Market Street.

Some of the children are bare footed.

Market Street viewed from the top of St. Mark's Church tower.

Market Street, West Street in distance.

Turf Market opposite St' Mark's Church, 1880


Market Street opposite St. Mark's Church. Abt. 1880


View from St. Mark's Church tower, 1900.


High Street looking towards Market Street, early 1900's.

Arthur Thornton's Store. Formerly old Methodist Church and Manse, Thomas Street.


Church Place, 1909. Looking towards Market Street.


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